Spring is here...

Written: Thursday, March 19, 2009 - 19:48:55
Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 - 21:02:23

Winter is over,
Spring has sprung,
the serial herbicide has begun...

The Buying of The Plants, LOL!! [You can hear the screams of the soon-to-be-dead plants.... "Nooooooo!! Leave me! LEAVE ME!!!"]

I have 50 chicks on order, to be delivered in late May, so hopefully, there will be eggs in my future this year... We finally figured out why there were no eggs... SAM [our dog] was eating them!! [No wonder the chickens were pecking him on the head while he slept, LOL!]

So, for now at least, I am building an enclosure for the chickens. It will have trees [to protect them from the hawks], and an area where there will be leafy, edible plants for them to enjoy [hopefully, this will keep them out of my garden :smile:]

I just finished spreading lime on the garden area in preparation for plowing, and it and the chickens' garden should be plowed up in the next week or so. So, until then, I'll be working on the raised herb beds, and defending them from the dogs [they are loving the onions], and the chickens [they like everything else].

In my hubris, I have even picked up some houseplants; selected for nothing more than their beauty and ability to withstand neglect and low light ;-)... so far, they are doing well... but I've only had them for a week. Time will tell ;-)!


Sweet Device

The Peek, the email-only device. No high prices, no contracts... unlimited email and texting on the go... Sweet!!

Get it here.


New Geek Currency?

Cute. Get 'em here
Hat tip to: Yanko Design 


Your Mac as HDTV

And here's the device that will do it: 

Elgato Systems, a maker of TV software for Macs, has created the EyeTV Hybrid, which the company says “turns your Mac into the world’s most affordable flat-screen HDTV.”

It also allows you to sync your movies and TV shows with your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. 

Suggested retail price is $149. Purchase it here for a little less. :-)

Hat tip to The NYT

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