The Eugenics Wars are Coming...

In a lengthy post on March 20, 2009 from The Daily Galaxy, Rebecca Sato discusses the pros and cons of human genetic engineering.

To quote on the con side:
Much of the debate stems from the fact that the effects of genetically altering an embryo would be generational and permanent. In other words, if we create a mutant baby and it grows up to have children of it’s own—they’ll all be mutant gene carriers too. Genes injected into embryos and reproductive cells, such as sperm, affect every cells in the body and would be passed on to future generations. Critics say current humans don’t have the right to tamper with the gene pool of future generations.
And on the pro side,  John Harris, the Sir David Alliance Professor of Bioethics at Manchester University believes that:
as parents, citizens, and scientists, we are morally obliged to do whatever we can genetically to make life better and longer for our children and ourselves. Society currently devotes so much energy and resources towards saving lives, which, in reality, is simply postponing death, he notes. If it is right to save life, Harris reasons, then it should also be right to postpone death by stemming the flow of diseases that carry us to the grave.
Rebecca ends her post with:
Many say we shouldn’t change human genetics, UNLESS it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Who gets to decide where the line is between righteous endeavor and the corruption of nature?  
Great questions... what do YOU think about human genetic engineering?


Germophobes, Rejoice!!

It seems that a device has been designed by Leon Peng that kills germs on can tops while you wait.

Here it is:

Hat tip to Yanko Design


Got Fleas?

"Humanity is an infestation... they must be cleansed!!"
This interesting, 'food for thought' ad is on the floor in an Jakarta shopping center... and it is only clearly visible from the upper levels of the shopping center. 

What is your initial reaction to this ad?


I'm A Real Geek™

Yesterday, I went to the Alltel kiosk in the local mall. I was looking for a live Crackberry, I mean Blackberry Curve to play with to see if it would suit my Internet needs.

Image by Edans

I wound up talking with the two guys running the kiosk, who were pretty cool and were gamers.

We started talking about Mac v. PC... [you know where this is heading]

and before I knew it, we were talking about pirates, LAN parties, heavy duty PC mods, overclocking, and the attendant challenges [including crazy electric bills!]...

My non-tech friends are right. I need to get out more, LOL!!

While I don't game, I *do* know my way around a PC case, and Windows [up to XP... not *evah* touching Vista, LOL!], and I did [wonder of wonders] know what they were talking about.

And they are right. Trying to game on a Mac emulating Windows is probably not gonna work because of the lag... [Wait... did I just say that?!?]


Anywhoo, this morning, I logged into my Blogger in Draft dashboard, and there is something new there... icons that let you know [without digging into the 'settings' tab] what the email posting address is and setup info for SMS posting for each blog in your account.

As I was ooohing and aaahhing over these sweet new additions to my dashboard, my third daughter walked by, looked over my shoulder, and walked off shaking her head, saying,


I guess that I am, LOL!! And proud of it.

I want one of these...

Image by: LuChOeDu

And, isn't this cute?

Image by LuChOeDu

Ok, ok!! ... I'm going out now, LOL!!


Attention, GrandCentral Users!!

GrandCentral has become Google Voice

To quote the front page of GrandCentral:

We've kept all the things people like about GrandCentral and added new features like transcripts, SMS, international calling, and conference calling. If you are a GrandCentral user, over the next few days you will be prompted to upgrade to Google Voice.

Here's a link to more information on the nifty, new features: About Google Voice

Google Voice is only open to GrandCentral subscribers so... GrandCentral subscribers, keep your eyes peeled for the prompting to upgrade!!


Star Trek XI HD Movie Trailers

I don't know how to embed these, so I won't waste time trying...

Go to this link, and there are HD videos of *all* the Star Trek XI movie trailers... whee!!

High-Definition Star Trek XI movie trailers

And on that page is also a link to the official page with wallpaper downloads and such... enjoy!


So, You Think it's Cold Outside?

Most of my friends will tell you that I despise cold weather. Even though I now live somewhere that is warm for 95% of the year, I still don't like the onset of cold weather.

I was reading in my feed reader about the underglacier mountains and lake, and I was amazed that there are people who actually are willing to work in such conditions!

So, to continue, I learned about true cold... I'm thinking about the katabactic winds that come off the Antarctic glaciers and ice sheets.

Take a look at how it occurs:

Image from: Wikipedia

And. if that's not impressive enough, take a look at this video, taken during the katabactic winds in Antartica... brrr!! Now, THAT'S wind!!!

:turns up heat:

I'll quit complaining about the cold, LOL!!

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