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Another Tool in Your Quest for World Domination...

So... you think lasers are lame? After all, you've got one on your keychain, right?

Think again...

SkyLasers have single-handedly made lasers cool again!


Check out this list of 'can-dos': [on the 125mW laser]

 - Extend its beam to nearly 100 miles
 - Visible beam in a lit room
 - Cut through a black plastic garbage bag
 - Sting the skin on contact
 - Burn dark fabrics
 - Pop dark colored balloons
 - Ignite wooden or paper matches
 - Cut black electrical tape
 - Etch dark plastics, leathers and rubber
 - Light fireworks
 - Melt rubber and plastics

Now, after you finish terrorizing the neighborhood, and reassure your mother that you won't put anyone's eyes out [although, if you are an Evil Overlord™, your mother will just have to deal with the fact that you'll put out some eyes... or worse!], there are actually some interesting uses for a laser like this...

 - Astronomy presentations

 - Hiking rescue signal
 - Can be used in construction alignment and long-distance pointing and targeting
 - Sending long-distance signals
 - Special effects photography

 - Cool lightsaber/phaser effect when unsheathed in your hand [you know I had to go there, LOL!!]
 - The beam refracts in cool ways when you shoot it at things like cut glass stemware [practice your pool shots, :g:!]



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