Solar Flare Eruptions


Photo credit: SOHO/ESA & NASA

The Sun erupts in flares (as seen through a SOHO ultraviolet telescope.)

Hat tip: Smithsonian Magazine


Opinions on FCC & Net Neutrality

FCC Net Neutrality; The End of Unlimited Internet?

Hold Off On Network Neutrality


Make Phone Calls With Twitter

Do you like Twitter?

Have you ever wished that you could bypass the direct message, because you know that it would be a long back and forth?


Jajah, based in California, has come out with a beta of JAJAH@call, that allows you to call other Twitter users - all you need to know is their Twitter username.

"JAJAH gives short messages a voice. With the new JAJAH application, Twitter users can make free phone calls on their favorite microblogging service. Now in Beta, JAJAH@Call allows you to make a free two minute call (the verbal equivalent of a tweet) to other JAJAH@Call users. It’s free, it’s easy and works no matter how you use Twitter, whether it’s on your cellphone, via Seesmic, TweetDeck, or any other way."

Sweet... and free :-)


In Your Quest For World Domination™...

don't forget to take into account the impact of climate change ...

before and after pics of a would-be world dominator's arctic lair... :-/

For more info on the impact of climate change on the Evil Overlord™ real estate market, check out The Onion's article on this issue.

[The pic is from The Onion article]


HTML Calligraphy

If you check out the source code for this page, you will notice that the source code is not, well... compact.

Go look at it, I'll wait....

Ok. Seems like *someone* has a real love for the 8pt font, right? Seems pretty silly... until...

When you look at Google Earth from the point of view of the Fujinon headquarters, you can see Mount Fuji.

When you take a printout of the source code, and put it against the silhouette of the view, you can see that it mirrors the view.

Awesome! Talk about 'attention to detail'!!

Hat tip: Geeks Are Sexy


Love On The Run


The Rev. Darrell Best's firetruck, shown in a photo he provided, was converted on the Country Music Television show "Trick My Truck." (July 29)

Best said he wanted to give people without a church a chance for a special service. And for $2 per mile, plus a $200 fee, he'll drive the church anywhere.

Full story at the LA Times : A Wedding Chapel on Wheels

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