My long-repressed love of musicals is coming out at long last... my latest adventure in memorizing?

Oliver (the old movie)

Nothing is as funny as listening to a whole chorus of children sing about ‘gruel’ when you’re serving oatmeal for breakfast...

“Every day we say a prayer; will they change the bill of fare?
Still we got the same old gruuuueeeel!”

Or, when someone is happy, the notes of ‘Who Will Buy’ ring throughout the house. Goes to show, that as sad as most of that movie was, there were still parts that were funny and happy.

We’re currently working on the song ‘DoReMi’, from the ST:DS9 episode, “Chrysalis”. Pretty complex. It’s a quartet, improvising melodies with musical scales. Trying to figure out who is singing what is the greatest challenge. If anyone knows where I can find a copy of the lyrics, give a shout out, ok?


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