Help! There's a chicken in my shower!

I swear, you can't make this stuff up...

I'm talking with my eldest (at midnight), sitting on my bed, and I hear this funny noise coming from my bathroom...

I'm thinking, ehh... it's probably something knocking on the crawlspace door (which is closed and locked), so I'm cool.


My eldest says, it's probably a chicken.

Say... WHAT?

Is there something you want to tell me?!?

No... says my eldest.

At that very moment, we BOTH hear a scrabbling noise coming from behind the bathroom door (which is, thankfully, closed)

I'm like, didn't we finish with the chickens in the shower thing when we got the OUTDOOR CAGE for them?!? When they were CHICKS?!?

I look at my eldest, and I tell her to check it out. She tells me that I'm the adult. I remind her that SHE is an adult now as well, and this is her first adult assignment. (It's called 'pulling rank', lol!)

She enters the darkened bathroom, opens the shower door, and there, blinking in the sudden light, is ... a... CHICKEN.

Who was pretty pissed about being awakened, let me tell you.

So, we put her back until morning (she was recently wounded, and I THOUGHT that she was being treated OUTSIDE, but I guess that I was wrong), and closed the shower door.

Maybe I should start sleeping in the shower. Everything that lives at my house seems to like it in there.


I think that I'll ask for a case (or two) of Clorox for Christmas. I'm running out...

(I have no idea why I can't sleep at night...)


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