I'm A Real Geek™

Yesterday, I went to the Alltel kiosk in the local mall. I was looking for a live Crackberry, I mean Blackberry Curve to play with to see if it would suit my Internet needs.

Image by Edans

I wound up talking with the two guys running the kiosk, who were pretty cool and were gamers.

We started talking about Mac v. PC... [you know where this is heading]

and before I knew it, we were talking about pirates, LAN parties, heavy duty PC mods, overclocking, and the attendant challenges [including crazy electric bills!]...

My non-tech friends are right. I need to get out more, LOL!!

While I don't game, I *do* know my way around a PC case, and Windows [up to XP... not *evah* touching Vista, LOL!], and I did [wonder of wonders] know what they were talking about.

And they are right. Trying to game on a Mac emulating Windows is probably not gonna work because of the lag... [Wait... did I just say that?!?]


Anywhoo, this morning, I logged into my Blogger in Draft dashboard, and there is something new there... icons that let you know [without digging into the 'settings' tab] what the email posting address is and setup info for SMS posting for each blog in your account.

As I was ooohing and aaahhing over these sweet new additions to my dashboard, my third daughter walked by, looked over my shoulder, and walked off shaking her head, saying,


I guess that I am, LOL!! And proud of it.

I want one of these...

Image by: LuChOeDu

And, isn't this cute?

Image by LuChOeDu

Ok, ok!! ... I'm going out now, LOL!!


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