Stars in the Night Sky...

I was outside the other night, and the sky was absolutely full of stars...

big ones,
little ones,
bright ones,
and faint ones that you had to look carefully to see.

I grabbed my camera to take a picture of it for you, but my camera isn't sophisticated enough to take a good picture (although, it may be the photographer :->), so I went on the Web to look for a good picture of a star-filled, night sky. Here's one that spoke to me:

Here's the link for the caption that went with this photo:

In reading that caption, I learned a lot about why you don't see most of the stars when you live in the city.

To quote: "City dwellers have already lost most of the constellations, the planet Saturn, and a host of medium magnitude stars. They can forget about observing most meteor showers, too, or faint displays of Northern Lights.

It's a big loss. Young sky watchers grow up to be philosophers, scientists, poets, explorers, and school teachers. But kids aren't likely to watch -- or be inspired by -- a blank sky."

To learn more about this, check out: the International Dark-sky Association website: http://www.darksky.org.


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