Locating Games...

One of my children has decided that they want to give a video game to one of their siblings. Unfortunately, it is an old, discontinued game, so I have scoured eBay, and haunted the local GameStop. I discovered a new GameStop in my area, and when I go in, lo and behold! It is there, on the shelf! So, I call said child, and ask if this is the one. I am told, yes, and I purchase it. However, they do not have a system they can test the disk on to see if the game actually runs (it is a used game)... but hey, they have a guarantee, right?

Of course, after waiting for everyone else to go to bed, I tell the 'gift-er' to check the game, and it doesn't work.


I'm just going to return it, and get my money back. Time to move to Plan B for this child... maybe a nice box of chocolates for their sibling?


Sounds somewhat familiar to me. Why is the job of Santa so hard sometimes?

Probably because I don't buy the bulk of the presents during the year when I see them, and I often hear the children discussing something that would make a perfect Christmas present, and I don't write it down :::smacking forehead:::!!

This laziness does nothing but make life difficult for me, lol!!

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