A Quiet, Lazy Day…

sleeping in, eating what we want for breakfast... whether it is leftovers from last night's dinner, or doughnuts and milk, sort of like backwards day :-).

The weather here is overcast and gloomy, but it is still fairly warm for December.

I'm looking forward to spring coming back again, I have another chance to try my hand at growing more vegetables, although from my experiences last year, I'd say that I'd make an excellent herb grower.

Not *that* kind, silly! Culinary and medicinal herbs :-)! Barring that, I'd probably have an excellent second career as a weed killer... all I'd have to do is tell the weed that there was some reason to eat it, and *poof*! It would die off, faster than you can say, "pesticide", lol!!

Anywhoo... it was a beautiful, quiet day, the kind that years later, when life has picked up considerably, that you look back on and think, "I need more days like that one!"


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