How Deep Is Your Thought?

How much time do you spend per day with the New Media? Watching TV, reading/writing email, surfing the web for entertainment and/or information, playing video games?

You may have noticed that your ability to hold a thought has lessened.

But, before you make an appointment to get a scrip for Aricept, take a look at this article.

Its author, Nicholas Carr, discusses the changes in our information gathering, and suggests that perhaps this is changing the way that we think.

If you find it interesting, you may want to read this article by Mark Morford, where he discusses the changes in his thinking since he stopped reading... books.

Just something to think about! Maybe it's time to exercise that flabby library card, hmmm?

And, one and two, and three and four and one ...


I found your blog originally in the Blog 365 Mega Feed and added you to my reader some time ago. I enjoy the fact that you allow your entire post to show up in Google Reader. I tend to skip those with just titles, but pause to read and click on interesting information there … occasionally stopping to comment when I have something to say.

I've just finished reading both articles and find my mind running ... remembering thoughts and feelings I had as I observed my students change over the 34 years I spent in the classroom ... feeling grateful to be happily retired yet concerned for the state of things in our schools and society. Thanks so much for sharing ... and activating MY brain cells this morning.
Hugs and blessings,

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