Now, THIS is a Camera!!

Are you a camera geek?  Do you have an übercool digital camera?
                 Photo by tarunactivity

How many megapixels does it have? 5? 8? 10? [!!]

Well, over at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory , they have built the ultimate camera (at least for now): 1.4 GIGApixels, for The University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy Pan-Starrs Program.

                                       Photo by Brett Simison, PansStarrs PS1 Image Gallery

What on earth would you need that many pixels for?

Well, actually, nothing on earth. You need it for watching the solar system and beyond.

The University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy Pan-Starrs Program states on their site that their cameras (all 4 of them) will be used for scanning the skies for anything that may pose a danger to our planet , meaning asteroids and comets .

                                                              Photo by goldenrectangle

The images from this camera will also be used for other scientific programs.

Technology Review has more technical details, for those who want them.

Hat tip to Daily Galaxy !!


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