So, have you recuperated from Black Friday?


                                                       Photo By: theotherway

I surely hope that no one that you know was injured in the craziness, and that you got everything that you needed (and wanted).

So, are you 'good to go' for the bulk of your Christmas gifts? Or, has the fun just begun?

On our side, we are done, at least until the New Year. We have two birthdays in December, so Decembers are always festive at our house.

The chickens are doing well; the children have learned that Sam has a job to do, and when they keep him in the house overnight, he can't do it (we lost a chicken to a predator that night - a fox, I believe).

If you want to see wildlife in an area, all you have to do is put out some food... hawks have begun to take notice of my little corner of the world... I suspect that it is due to the chicken population. Time to build a chicken tractor!

I feel like it is time to purchase a pair of overalls, and the theme song to 'Green Acres' (MP3 format, of course... we are *progressive* country folk)!!


Was that a picture you took from the line outside the mall?


I got that picture from Flickr.

Do you like it?

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