It seems weird...

for it to be sooo quiet here, for two days in a row. Many days, I don't even think about posting, because I'm so happy that the day is over, and I'm wiped out. Now that I've committed (maybe I should *be* committed, lol!) to writing in this blog every single doggone day, I'm finding that I've hit a boring patch. [sigh]

I mean, the most interesting thing that happened today is the arrival of the Transformers movie at my house ... which I am previewing as I type this. The language is a little rough in patches, but the special effects are pretty fantastic. This movie is definitely not for the sensitive under 13 children (rated PG-13) ... those scenes where the bad transformers are chasing people are pretty scary (at least to me... I'm getting sensitive in my old age), unless you want to be dealing with nightmares :-).

Other than that, there's not much happening here. But [looking around furtively], I'm not complaining, because there'll be all kinds of things happening soon, and it will be all I can do to keep up, much less blog about it!

Hey, at least it's not still Tuesday [grin]!


I know what you mean, I started addressing Christmas/holiday cards today. I had a migraine, i seemed like a nice and quiet thing to do.

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