Watching Spider-Man 3

The children thought that they weren't going to like it, but I heard them laughing and clapping, and they insisted that I watch it. As a comic book fan, and a fan of Spider-Man, I was sort of like, "eh", as far as catching #3 in the trilogy.

I have to admit, it was pretty good! The special effects were fabulous, and the story was pretty good, and funny, too!

Some of our favorite stuff from movie DVDs are the director and actor commentaries - learning about how the movie was made - all the background stuff, the work that different people like the composer, the sound effects people, and the storyboard artists do, and how the movie is put together. In many ways, it adds to our enjoyment of the movie, and sometimes, is more enjoyable than the movie itself.

My third child is very much into writing and putting on plays at home - complete with costumes that she designs, and makeup. The behind-the-scenes stuff has been a big help; she's learned how creative the special effects people have to be to get the job done... everything is not done with expensive props. Even things that you find around the house can be pressed into service as things totally different than the lives that they have in the everyday world. Coffee cup lids can become a computer console, packing foam can change the shape of the walls so that you are in what looks like a cargo bay. It's interesting, and a lot of fun!

So, I suppose that we'll be stringing rigging somewhere inside the house, so that we can figure out the physics of web swinging, lol!!


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