Baby, It's COLD in Here!

Ok, maybe not *that* cold, but you get the picture :-)!

But why was it cold? The house has no holes, etc., to bleed heat... and we aren't running the air conditioner.

So, I'm thinking ...

Rats! I'm going to have to call the HVAC repair guy to come over *again* to fix something else on this unit, and he's already been over twice this year :::::::sigh::::::::

So, I take a look at the unit thermostat, and, sure enough, the temp is set at eighty degrees, and the fan is on 'auto'... but why isn't it blowing hot air?

I lean closer to the thermostat, placing my hand on the wall and the computer monitor underneath the thermostat to steady myself, and realize...

HEY!! This monitor is HOT!

It's a beautiful, contemporary slim monitor, but apparently it kicks out just as much heat as the old fat ones, because once we turned the monitor off (#3 child was on it the entire day, working on her play costuming and makeup), the heat was back on again... hooray!!!

And I didn't have to call the repair guy, pay a fee and look stupid [whew]!

Remind me sometime to tell you about the time I tried to repair a toilet, lol!!

[Image credit : http://www.istockphoto.com]


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