I've survived a ZOMBIE attack!!!

It's a standing joke in our home that Mom is always protected by the security phone ... a very useful device, to keep the masses of children in my house in line. [I use it as a martial arts weapon ... "security phone - YAAAAAHHHHH!", thrown like a throwing star.]

Well, tonight, I discovered the limits of the security phone.

It's been pretty chilly here lately, and someone's coming over in the next few days to haul off the trash that needs to go to the dump.

So, I look around for everything that needs to go, and tell the children to move the old tires that were on the edge of the property [a failed project - don't ask], and a few pallets that were near them, over to the pile of trash.

When they all come in, they are chilled to the bone, and look over at me, who has been supervising, in a warm, toasty house.

I saw the gleam in their eyes... and realized, too late, what was about to happen.

They turned into FROZEN ZOMBIES - and all proceeded to attack me at once ... touching my [warm] skin with their [!!FROZEN!!] hands.

I tried holding them off with "Security phones [I had 2 in hand] - YAAAAAHHH!!!"

But it didn't work!!... There were too many!!... Coming in at all angles!!

My threats bounced off frozen ears, and they giggled madly as I screamed at the frigid fingers that stuck themselves to my [warm] flesh.

Covered by a pile of [!!FROZEN!!], giggling zombie children, my neck, arms, and even legs were given a taste of the outside temperature. (I successfully kept them out from under my clothing... a small, but significant, victory for me.)

Let's just say that I was yelling "YAAAAAHHHHH!!" for an entirely different reason than usual :-/.

That's okay, though... I'm going to buy a slingshot and some extra phones for ammo... Maybe a heavy repeater trank gun... I'll be able to hold off more next time!! (And, if all else fails, a little Ex-Lax in the 'ole hot chocolate will keep them in line, Then they'll be yelling, "Bring me my brown pants!!", lol!)


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