New Beginnings ... I'm In Love!!!

Yesterday was pretty quiet. However, it ended in a pretty spectacular way... I got a new puppy! As I am planning to get chickens in a few weeks, it makes sense to have a puppy, and not a full grown dog, so the two can grow up together. Maybe, that way, he can not view the chickens as food. :-)

He's a rottweiler, border collie mix and he's really sweet. He snuggled his nose into my armpit as I picked him up, and started humming. How could I say no? He likes being held, but not for long periods... just long enough to get his love fix, and then he wants to go take a nap, or use the bathroom, etc. Pretty cool.

I haven't decided on a name. My first thought was Sam, but the children wanted to know 'what happened to a Star Trek name', so I looked it up... there is a Sam Gardner, one of Jonathan Archer's bosses at Starfleet, but they called 'cheating'. I overruled them, but now I'm thinking something along the lines of Emory [Erickson], the inventor of the transporter, or Quinn [Erickson], Emory's son, who got caught in an alternate dimension in a transporter accident. Hmmm... I'll have to sleep on it.

Can you guess that I'm grateful for my new dog? [Yes, I have claimed him as 'mine', lol!]


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