I valiantly struggle on to at least understand the intricacies of this new html ... the last time that I dealt with html code was several years ago, and I am *rusty*! The page is finally up, the domain nameservers are pointing to the right places (hooray!!), email is (almost) finished, and now I am working on content (on my computer). Amazing, how much goes on behind the scenes before the first photo is viewed.

What am I struggling with? A single space. The equivalent of a carriage return, and I just am not able to find the right code. I've looked at the code on the actual page where there were other spaces, but it does not work. Sigh... It looks as though I'm going to have to go to a html tutorial website ... something *new* to learn, lol!

I'm declaring a moratorium on this for the moment. I still have to find material for Monday's posting, my office is a mess (files need to be put away), and my brain needs to process this new information. I'll probably find that the fix is something very simple :-).

I'll write more blive (my favorite new word)!


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