Worlds' Oldest Natural Mother at 59

Well, maybe my childbearing days are *not* over {smile}!


A British housewife became the world's oldest natural mother after giving birth at the age of 59, it was claimed yesterday.

Dawn Brooke had a healthy boy without any fertility treatment only 12 months before she became eligible for her old age pension, her family said.

Her husband, former company director Raymond Brooke, said the couple had kept the 1997 birth private for a decade to let their son grow up in peace.

Mr Brooke married his Londonborn wife a few weeks before their son was born by caesarean section at a Guernsey hospital on August 20, 1997.

The world record for the oldest non-IVF birth was held by Ruth Kistler, who had a daughter in Los Angeles in 1956, aged 57.

The British record for oldest birth without fertility treatment was set by Kathleen Campbell from Kimberley, Nottinghamshire, who had son Joby at 55 in 1987.

Doctors say it is extremely rare for women to have children past their mid-fifties. The average age for the menopause is 51, and it is unusual for a woman over 54 to be ovulating.

The Guinness World Records book lists the world's oldest mother as Adriana Iliescu who gave birth to a daughter in 2005 aged 66 years and 230 days.

The birth to the Romanian academic who had received fertility treatment for nine years beforehand sparked an ethical, medical and religious debate about the suitability of fertility treatment for older women.



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