I am feeling...

relaxed, and pleased. Website is up, children are behaving (as they usually do, thank heavens!), vacation time is coming, and I'm feeling warm and happy for no reason at all. Should I have that checked, LOL?

There is much to do to prepare for winter, and I am not looking forward to clearing the garden for the fall planting; but I *am* looking forward to eating lots of lettuce and mesclun this winter. I am planning to try my hand at building a hoophouse over my raised beds - rubbing hands together - those yellow tomatoes that we had this summer were absolutely mouthwatering, and I want them all winter long... yummy, yummy!!

I'm learning a lot about gardening... and my lack of knowledge about indigenous plants. Have you ever noticed that, when you discover a new edible, it decides that there are better places to live? Especially when it is normally considered a "weed"? I haven't had a decent amount of dandelions grow here since I got here (smile)!

My neighbors have been both generous and gracious in teaching and helping me. Especially when, after telling me that I could cut their okra, I asked them why do they cut down such beautiful plants? It turns out that "cutting" okra is the term for "picking" okra! Fortunately, I have a rule, which is my Prime Directive: Ask before you do something. Thank heavens! Otherwise, my neighbors would have been looking for me... I would have cut down all their beautiful okra plants! LOL!

Anyway, by the time the fall garden is finished, I will have lost the last of the baby weight. It's not a lot of weight, but it keeps me from fitting comfortably into my 'tester' jeans (yes, vanity rears its ugly head :->). Right now, my eldest is wearing them. I've warned her not to get attached to them, because they are MINE, lol!!


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