Well, I had lunch…

with a friend. We went to a friends’ new shop/deli, and we had sandwiches for lunch with some ladies from her church. It was awkward at first, but it went ok. The sandwiches were good, and so was the iced tea.

My friend took me back home, and we talked for a few minutes outside my house, and then she went to run errands. I wrote her and the pastors’ wife a “thank you” note, even though I had to ‘google’ the pastors’ address. It will go in the mail tomorrow morning.

I found out about a php script that should allow me to point a subdomain to my website host, and the script will tell the forward which file to present. I’m currently tinkering with it to get it to work. Eventually, I will have subdomains for my bookmarks, blog, writing pages, and webtools. This has been a real learning experience! Hopefully, I will be pretty much set up soon!


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