On Monitoring...

Microsoft recently received a patent on a biometrics monitoring system, that can "track a worker's productivity, physical wellbeing and competence."

Microsoft also is currently engaged in the 2007-2008 "Next-Gen PC design competition" and one of the finalists? Momenta, the PC for life.

Now, this entry hasn't won, but I think that even if it doesn't win, we may see it in use, perhaps in a different form, coupled with Microsoft's new biometrics patent. Of course, if you can plug in a set of earphones, it may also make an excellent MP3 player [/sarcasm]!

The photo on the GeeksAreSexy post, is of a nude [appearing] black woman wearing the collar/necklace. This photo brings to mind all kinds of misogynistic and racist stereotypes. Especially with this design, I can't imagine the average man wearing them (although on the competition website, they show personalized versions of Momenta for men and women).

The collar itself looks a little like the Collar of Obedience, seen on the Original Star Trek series, or a telekinetic suppression collar, as seen on Star Trek: DS9; both of which are used as tools of control.

:shakes head:


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