[rant] I used to wonder...

why people send chain letters all the time. [Especially without stripping the thousand or so other people that sent it before them, but that's another rant.]

It's because they want to keep in touch, but they don't have anything to say.

Never mind that they can talk about their children [how cute/smart/athletic/sardonic], or their job [funny thing happened at the watercooler], or the oddly shaped mushroom growing on the tree in the front yard.

They forward [without stripping - grr!] chain letters [usually nice, touching, coercive ones], about how much friends/family/world peace means to the original writer, and, since they are forwarding it, to them as well.

Since I have the very nasty habit of actually writing letters ["... my name is LaVeda, and I'm a serial letter-writer." "Hi, LaVeda"], I write to people and ask them how they are, what they are up to, and is that mushroom shaped like the State of Vermont still on the tree in your front yard, to forstall the inevitable, "I don't know what to talk about!!" and to give them a starting point. [I'm all for unexpected detours... they are the most fun!]

My reward? One sentence answers. 'We're all fine... :)' or 'Funny.' [If I get an answer at all. Usually, I get one answer for every three or four emails.]

SO, I'm throwing in the towel. No more attempts at interesting, funny or detailed emails. No more questions so that you can brag about your children, your job, or anything else that is going on in your life.

As of right now, I hereby join the ranks of the Chain Letter Forwarding Guild. [And, no I'm not stripping out the extra HTML and the forwards, and I'm absolutely NOT using the BCC: function. You're on your own with the spammers!!]


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