Word of the Day: Obviate

Word of the Day: Obivate (verb)

Pronunciation: ['ahb-vi-yeyt]
Definition: To make unnecessary or prevent (an action).

Usage: There is no semantic relation with "obvious"-beware!

Suggested Usage: This woefully underused verb is a convenient
replacement for much longer and less specific phrases. Try expressions like "Lorraine's introductory remarks obviated most of my speech" or "The new software obviated most of the jobs in his division."

Etymology: Latin obviare "meet, withstand, prevent" from the
preposition-prefix ob "to, toward" and via-re "go, travel". Related to via "road, way" and derived from the same Indo-European source as German "Wag-en", English "wag-on" and "way", as well as the veh- of "vehicle".

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