Arrakis... Dune....

Among their many firsts, the Mars Rovers photographed Earth-like clouds in the Martian sky for the first time from the planet's surface.

I must admit, I wish that Frank Herbert could have seen this, because this photo *looks* like Dune! Any second, I expect to see the giant sandworms traversing the desert while the 'thopters fly overhead, transporting the spice to the Emperor and the Spacing Guild.

If I look closely, in my minds' eye, in the photo I can see Paul Atreides and his mother during their flight from the Harkonnen coup against their House.

What a beautiful, spare landscape. I can imagine myself standing there, leaning against the warm breeze, feeling it in my hair, on my skin, simply _being_ part of nature, and it being a part of me. How glorious sunrise and sunset must be in such a place!! Even in my daydream, I feel the tension melt away... there is no past, and no future, only the present... this moment.


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