E. Coli Fears Spark Bagged Salad Recall

E. Coli Fears Spark Bagged Salad Recall

This new health scare makes it even more imperative that we all start backyard (or tabletop) gardens, to protect our health.

We cannot count on government oversight to protect our food supply. While most of us are unable to have the old-fashioned, large-scale gardens that (maybe) our grandparents had, we *can* grow edible plants instead of the standard houseplants. Many plants that are edible are also beautiful. For example, I visited the mother of a friend of mine. She had a *very* large cucumber plant growing in a pot. I asked her if she liked cucumber, and she told me no, she just liked how the plant looked... cucumbers gave her heartburn :-).

Try planting some lettuce in a pot... lettuce has shallow roots, so it won't require repotting; and you're going to eat it anyway :-). The stomach trouble you prevent, may be your own!!


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