It's so wonderful!!!

The weather has been very hot lately, but it is beginning to cool off... down in the low 90s, lol!

But the sky is just as beautiful as it is in the springtime. Sometimes, I just look up at the sky, and all those beautiful clouds, and I think that I'm going to burst with happiness.

South Carolina really agrees with me. It is warm and beautiful, with lots of greenery and trees, and there is lots of space to simply _be_, without having to rush about.

I have my camera now, so I'll be taking some pictures soon of sunrises and sunsets from my bedroom. It's a fantastic thing, to have your master bedroom have windows on the east *and* the west side of the house. No matter what time of year it is, there's always plenty of light during the day (if I could only do something about those shorter days, lol!)... Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful home!!


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