Back to The Twentieth Century...

Well, it turns out that although the datacard says it's for Mac (on the box and in the documentation), it can't be used with a Mac.

And my Plan B, which was port my landline (which is what I'm using for dialup) over to the cellphone company, and then use a smartphone as a modem to access online, isn't going to work either, unless the company has a smartphone that will allow you to sync with Macs. I'll be back tomorrow with my Mac to check this out :::fingers crossed:::.

Everyone at my cellphone place is actually pretty cool, so returning it wasn't a huge hassle. What is a hassle, is the lack of information that the techs have available to them to answer customers' questions. Apparently, no one asks true technical questions, so the powers that be don't think that anyone may need them. Ah, well.

Other than that, the day went okay. I walked for another mile today, and had a good time. However, my body doesn't seem to think that it is enough, so it looks as though I'm going to have to add another exercise session to the mix. Yikes!!

[This post was transmitted with dialup... sigh]


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