The True Competitor to the MacBook Air...

Spotted at GeeksAreSexy.net:

Leave it to someone to bring the frenzied masses back to the real world, lol!!

Let's try to remember what's *really* important, shall we?

If you're a geek like me, check out the rest of their site ... it's always interesting!!


Yep, that just made my day!
I really want a MacBook, but no Air for me thanks...


I got my first MacBook last year (after 10 years of begging for an Apple)... it's worth every penny. EVERY PENNY. Jonathan Beckett over at PluggedOut.com wrote a post about the Mac that says it better than I could, and he's a programmer ... "it just works".

I say again, do whatever you have to do without to get one (outside of the necessities). Because when you work with it, and everything works, and you can focus on your work, and not what Windows is going to do next [!!], you'll smile with the kind of deep satisfaction that is usually seen when a person has found The One.

No, I don't believe that Apple can do no wrong, but I *do* believe that their computers are light years ahead of the mess that runs the PC world.

One of these days, I'll break down, and tell you how I really feel :)

I heart Apple. The first and only Apple computer I had was a Mac Classic. It's now as good as a boat anchor, and my dear huz has me on Linux. Wah.

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