Just a regular day...

I haven't written online in a few days... I have been doing most of it offline. I'm finding that while I like writing on paper, I enjoy writing with my computer more. I really like being able to save my work online, and not have to worry about it getting lost in a power surge or something.

For me, the biggest thing about working on my computer/online is that I actually type faster than I write by hand, more so since I began using the Dvorak keyboard layout. Not as fast as I can think, but fast enough that I don't lose my train of thought while trying to type what I want to say.

And, in trying to be more efficient, I am trying out new tips and tricks to streamline my life. I may post more about that on 'WeedLady' as things go on, I'm not sure yet.

So, what do *you* do to streamline your life?


I get everything ready the night before. I'm not a morning person, and trying to cut a sandwich to take to work with me first thing just ends in disaster.

@solomon broad:

I know what you mean... hitting the ground running beats just hitting the ground [splat!] any day... [grin!]

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