"I've had just about every kind of birth there is…

except a do-it-yourself C-section."

My friends know the above statement to be true.

I have had:

1 hospital birth (standard)
1 hospital birth (induction - don't ask)
2 homebirths
1 C-section (unnecessary)
1 unassisted hospital birth (staff stood by in case they were needed)
1 unassisted birth (just me, and a bathtub)

But, no do-it-yourself C-Section.

Now, to be honest, that last comment was a joke... it isn't possible to perform a C-section on yourself, after all... is it?

Yes It IS!!!

Now, when I began having my babies at home, even with a professional in attendance (in case of emergency… which I did not have any), people thought (mistakenly) that I was some kind of superwoman (which I am not). I am just an ordinary woman doing what I thought was best for me and my babies. Other people make decisions based on what is best for their families.

I would like to think that if my babies' life was in danger, and if there was no one around to help, that I would have done the same thing.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am not to have ever had to make a decision like that. Hopefully, I never will.

As I told a friend today as we were discussing this, "No more joking about this... tomorrow, I begin joking about winning the lottery!!"


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