Making a New Journal Out of An Old One

For the past week or so, something (not sure what) has been telling me that I need a new writing journal. My old writing journal still has more than half of its pages available for my inspired prose [g], so when I go into the store, I see the journals (I prefer Moleskeins), and I say to myself, "Why do I feel like I need to buy one of these?"

No one answers me (my brain is like that, sometimes), so I chalk it up to my notebook fetish, and leave the notebook at the store.

A day or so later, while I am at my computer, I think, $%^&! I need that notebook for ___ ... I *have* to remember to get it, the next time that I am out!! (I still don't remember what I need this notebook for, but that is probably because I am racking my brain, trying to remember.)

So, today, while I was out, I made a special trip to the nearest big town, 35 miles away, to get the stupid notebook that I wanted, but couldn't remember why (grr!).

Ok, so now I'm in the store... and they don't have the notebook. They have larger versions, and smaller versions, but not the notebook that I'm looking for. (Apparently, I'm not the only journaler in this area, although two weeks ago, the shelves runneth over with notebooks of every style, size, and color.)

No purchase there. So, I head over to the store on the other side of town, because they recently opened, and their shelves are full of beautiful notebooks, different from the first store, but equally as nice.

And their shelves were in worse shape than the first store!!!

So, I drove home, dejected. I had failed in my task, but learned a valuable lesson:

Beautiful notebooks sell out fast! Buy early!


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