Welcome to the Twenty-First Century!!

... or, not, as the case is.

Where I live, I am half a mile too far out to get DSL or cable (TV or Internet). Satellite internet, judging by the reviews that I've seen online, is a lot like slamming your head into a brick wall repeatedly. No thanks.

So, here I sit with dialup.

Now, my dialup company is ok, it's not their fault that there is faster technology, but I am on the Information Superhighway in a golf cart, on the shoulder.

I want to see streaming video, too, doggone it!!

And let's not talk about downloading software updates... slllllooooooowwwwwwww.

I have a wonderful, beautiful happy-happy-joy-joy MacBook, with a superfast processor, and lots of RAM and a big huge honking hard drive.... with dialup.

If I go to my local library, they have wireless internet, and I can download updates, watch movies, and in general, use my computer the way that Apple designed.

But who wants to sit in the library parking lot in the middle of the night, just to watch streaming video?!? Not me.

So, when my local cellphone company rolled out a wireless USB data card, I hopped right on it... hooray!!

Weeeeeeeeeellllllllllll... not so fast, there, hombre (or in my case, mujer)!

It turns out that while it is (on paper, at least) configured for a Mac (says so right here, in this little book that they done give me), it acts wonky when installed, and the hardware drivers sometimes install themselves, and not allowing the drivers that come with the software to install, so basically it bricks itself. This is a daisychain between the wireless carrier (who has to deal with the end customer - good luck with that), the software folks, and the datacard people.

So, I'm off to my carrier, to get another piece of equipment.

Lesson learned: If you are getting equipment for your laptop, take your laptop with you... at least, if it doesn't work, you can leave it in the store.

So, back to the twentieth century for me... at least for now ... sigh.

[This post was transmitted with dialup... sigh]


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