Keeping Delight in Your Life

Christine Kane, in her blog, discusses the importance of keeping delight in your life.

Here's a clip:

"When you adopt obsession, you require hard hits of big things to wake up the you that has become numb. It’s as if food has to be spicier, saltier, and fattier. Music has to be louder and faster. Moments need to be “events” to get you to notice them. It takes more flash to feel good. It takes more bling to be present."

This is so true... and it is very important to remember to enjoy the small pleasures, as well as the large ones. Let's face it, most of us are not going to win the lottery, or win on a reality TV show, or do something else to make us rich and/or famous. And that's okay.

However, everyone's life has opportunities to enjoy the richness of life, even on a modest budget. And when you enjoy your life, there's more of it to enjoy.

Go to Christine's site, and read the rest of the article!!


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